About Pivot

Pivot is a Swedish private equity firm. That means we acquire companies and develop them. We partner with owners of companies that want our support and we actively participate in developing the company’s together with management.

Pivot was founded in 2019. We have a background as entrepreneurs as well as former employees. We have for many years invested in-, and developed, companies in various phases and in many different industries. We have experience from acquiring and divesting companies, as well as from corporate development and innovation in our previous roles.

Aside from our own experiences, we have a distinguished roster of advisors whom themselves have founded, managed and developed companies, large and small. Our advisors know how to address the important issues.

Our investors are mainly family offices with vast experiences from private equity investments. They share our view on good business ethics as well as our continuous quest to find differentiating opportunities as a foundation for our businesses’ flourishing futures. Our own values, built on environmental and social caring, is shared between our investors.

Our approach

We believe there is tremendous potential in organizations that already are successful. Businesses that are led by entrepreneurs, engaged management and employees who value and make a difference. We know that the real value of a company lies with the people working there. We emphasize what creates value. Customer focus does. Amazing products and services do. We prefer to see the results of our work in filled order books and pallets – as simple as that.

The real difference happens over time. A healthy organization should be able to see beyond the next business cycle. Company culture is deeply rooted and takes a long time to build. We focus on initiatives that form a basis for long term success.

We start with the existing business and work our way onwards from there, with management, to form a shared view of a company’s potential future position, based on different perspectives and time horizons. We visualize offers, processes and new positions, to a point where we have comfort to implement these.

We oversee the complete business model and prioritize that which will drive development and differentiation. We’ll add the new.

Among other things, we are convinced that digitalization is the key to successful transformation. Significant leverage will occur when industries can fully exploit the potential of digital processes. Here, we can really make a difference.

Our background and our network allow us to connect our companies with those that have new exciting technologies and business models, for learning and potential application in our companies.

We combine change in a range of areas, to interact and create a relevant, sustainable and profitable future. A future where our organizations can grow and have a positive impact in our society.

Our starting point is the experience our companies have in their own ecosystem, which we combine with our own. We work with a pragmatic approach, but dare to be visionary. We focus on understanding the business and the fundamental drivers behind it, however data driven models form an important part of our basis for decisions.

We like businesses based in rural areas and smaller towns. The explanation is simple; Less talk, more action. We believe that our experience and network from various industries can provide the necessary vitamin injection needed, but we also understand to value the local knowledge. We believe the local connection to be important, whilst we engage in expanding the business globally – strengthening the local region by creating more job opportunities.

Our approach

What we do

We invest capital and our commitment, a whole lot of commitment that is. We have experience from building and developing businesses through transactions, innovation and business management. Some are unique for certain industries, whilst others can be applied on all businesses.

We have skills and processes which will infuse new energy and abilities to develop dormant opportunities through innovation. We find new and more rewarding trails together with company management.

We strive to create long-term differentiation and higher profitability. Organizations that differentiate enjoy better margins, higher growth, more loyal customers and happier employees. Great leaders and satisfied customers form the base for happy employees, which is why are focus lies on leadership and customer needs.

What you can expect

The information on this site is primarily directed to you, whom we possibly meet to discuss a potential partnership with. The personal connection is crucial. We are likely to work closely together for some time. You need to understand and get to know us before we can initiate a concrete discussion. Therefore, you can expect that we will be transparent, open and personal from the beginning. We are curious and would like to understand your business and the potential it might have.

We believe your business has revenue between 50-200 MSEK, is profitable and enjoys a positive cash flow, but that there is more to be done. We believe that there has been a lack of growth, not due to low commitment, but perhaps as a result of a succession due to take place, or maybe as a result of your uncertainty on how to grow profitably. The reasons can be many, but we believe that you wish for your company to reach the next level and its full potential. Which industry you are active in is not as important as is having loyal customers, appreciated products or services and passionate employees. We also believe that you share our belief in the importance of, and strength of, business in smaller towns in Sweden.

When we have guided us and you to a completed transaction, the work continues to prioritize the right actions at the right time. It is usually a mix of “here and now” questions, combined with development opportunities such as new business models, improved processes, applied innovation, increased digitalization and a renewed focus.

We will cluster the opportunities into categories and combine these to relevant projects of change. With relevant, we mean that they should create value for customers and users. That is how build value together.

We support in making prioritizations, setting targets, implementation and many other managerial matters. We immediately engage our network, which will result in traction in the development of the company.

Our path is all about continuously reloading. To never being satisfied with what could have been done better. This should embody the culture and the strategy.

Pivoting means to renew the strategy, with a maintained vision.

What you can expect


Our background and our network provide us with unique opportunities to connect our businesses with those that have new exciting technologies and methods, for learning and possible application in our companies. Feel free to contact us, the best way to get to know each other is to meet.



Niklas has a M.Sc. in finance from Stockholm University. Niklas is married since 2011 with Kristina and they have two children. Niklas has previously spent 11 years at HDR-Partners, a leading corporate finance advisor. Niklas has vast experience in corporate transactions, mainly in packaging and steering from a management perspective. With a strong interest for technologies and transformation, Niklas has a natural approach to new opportunities. Since 2013, Niklas is an advisor to AIV Tech Fund and has engagements in product- as well as service businesses.

  • niklas@pivot.se
  • +46 70 190 75 58



Dariush has a business degree from Uppsala University and Stockholm University. Dariush has also studied at Harvard Business School (post graduate course) in Boston. Dariush is married to Elena since 1997, and they have two children. Dariush has worked within the Kinnevik group of companies for 7 years and also as a specialist in innovation management and as an advisor in corporate entrepreneurship for 18 years. Dariush’s background has led him to a pragmatic and dynamic way of thinking around business development from a strategic as well as from a cultural perspective. In 2013, Dariush established the AIV Tech Fund.

  • dariush@pivot.se
  • +46 70 606 86 96



Karl-Erik has a M.Sc. in finance Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and law and from McGill University in Canada, with subsequent executive education from Harvard, Stanford and Wharton. Karl-Erik has spent 7 years at Nordstjernan, an investment company established close to 130 years ago, which is controlled by the Ax:son Johnsson family. During his time at Nordstjernan, his focus was on acquisitions and development of unlisted companies with its base in the Nordics. Previous to this, Karl-Erik worked with public and private M&A advisory, based in Stockholm and London. Karl-Erik is married to Stina and they have two children.

  • karl-erik@pivot.se
  • +46 70 290 38 40

Why a penguin

Pivot is a term with roots in sport, dance and medicine. As a phenomenon, the term has also gained traction within entrepreneurship. A pivoting event represents a change of direction, usually around its own axis, leading to a take-off to a new height. So, how is this connected to penguins? As you may have notices, we have a penguin in our logotype. Pivot is also the name of a mountain on Antarctica, but rather than having a mountain for a logo, we chose a penguin – an Antarctic penguin. Above all, we chose a penguin because we find them charming.

Why a penguin